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Today’s world is tough for teens…

We’ll help them develop into the adults you know they can be. You see it in them everyday. You know what they can be. Yet you know the challenges of growing up in today’s world are huge. Let us give help give them the tools they’ll need to thrive.

The Tools they Need

They need tools to help them get through the challenges of growing up in today’s world. You want so much for them. Through Martial Arts, we can help.

Girl in School

Are they?

Under a lot of pressure? Let us help them with their self-defense, discipline and confidence. Let’s give them some tools to use to deal with that pressure and stress.

Boy watching TV

Do you?

Notice a lack of drive and discipline? Do they seem uninterested in moving forward, getting things done and succeeding?
Let’s surround them with peers that are striving for black belt excellence.


Are they?

Thinking about college? Just imagine sending them off to college with not only a high school diploma but a black belt as well. We’ll show you the way.

This is
What We Do

Let us help. Through Martial Arts, we can help your children and young adults be the awesome people you know they can be.

Their potential
is unlimited!

Let us help

We use Martial Arts to help your child realize their full potential. Martial Arts at Macon’s Martial Arts is a great way to do the following:


Improve Grades

The discipline and focus taught in the Martial Arts often translates to better performance at school.


Become Physically Fit

Too many kids these days get virtually no exercise. Some are experiencing unneeded weight problems at far too young an age. Lessons at Macon’s Martial Arts will help put that right.


Be a Confident Leader

Kids that come from martial arts backgrounds stand their ground against challenges in life. This isn’t just because of the physical skills they have learned, but the mental skills as well.

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Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Clearer Focus

Martial arts training for kids begins with them doing one specific thing at a time. They focus on their specific stance or a kick. It might only be for 30 seconds to start off with, but with training, they start focusing longer. This is great for younger kids and kids with ADD. They will soon apply these skills to homework, family conversations, and life.

Determination to Succeed

Personal goal setting and achievement is essential in martial arts training. Earning the first belt, or perfecting a series of moves gives a sense of fulfillment as challenges are completed. This leads to more ambitious goal setting and further challenges. As they grow older, they take these principles and discipline with them in life.

Improved Attention

If your kid has a short attention span, or seems to drift off mid-conversation you might see some improvement after Martial Arts training at Macon’s Martial Arts. We believe eye contact is vital when it comes to talking both inside and outside the classroom. After only a short while, kids will start to do this naturally even at home.

Less Answering Back

One of our fundamental training rules involves discipline. When we ask someone to do something, we expect it to be done. No discussion, no debate. We don’t need to yell at them if they don’t – they do it because they see the other kids doing it. It won’t be long until your kids start doing this at home. If you think your kids have a hard time following directions, then sign them up for a few classes. You will be amazed at the difference.

Macon’s Martial Arts teaches Martial Arts and leadership in a safe, clean, professionally operated Martial Arts Academy. We have locations in Asheboro, Troy, Burlington, High Point and Robbins, North Carolina. We teach families the secrets of how to raise better behaved, more successful children. Our program gives kids the tools to realize an increased attention span, improved behavior, and greater self-control. Our instructors are considered to be some of the best in the country, while placing an emphasis on helping students and their families learn together.

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” attributed to Thomas Jefferson

At Macon’s Martial Arts, we believe in hard work, discipline fitness and determination. Don’t misunderstand us, we like to have a lot of fun as well. But, at the end of the day. Your children are here to learn and acquire the tools they need to succeed socially, in school and beyond. We consider it an honor to teach your children in the ways of Martial Arts.