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Questions about My Studio?

Are you hearing quite a bit at our academies about My Studio?  Want to make the most of this tool?  Have some questions about getting started or using the app?  No problem.  Just send us an email at: mystudiosupport@maconsmartialarts.com!

Ready to get started?  You can download and install using the links below.  Just use studio code ‘Macons’.

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Nunchuck Seminars!

Nunchuck Seminars https://www.maconsmartialarts.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/Chuck-promo.mp4 We have Chuck training seminars coming up very soon for all 3 of our locations.  Our students love weapons training!  Our next

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Karate Birthday Parties

Karate Birthday Parties! Is your child a fan of martial arts, action-packed games, and delicious pizza? If so, we have the perfect birthday party idea

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