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Homeschooled kids, like any other children, need a variety of activities to support their growth and development. A homeschooling parent is looking for the following things:

  1. Physical activity: Homeschooled kids need to engage in regular physical activity to promote physical health and wellbeing. This can include activities like sports, dance, yoga, martial arts, or even just regular outdoor play.
  2. Social interaction: Homeschooled kids also need to interact with other children and adults to develop social skills, communication skills and build relationships. This can include joining a club or group, participating in community events, or attending homeschool co-op programs.
  3. Academic activities: Homeschooled kids need to engage in a variety of academic activities to support their learning and intellectual development. This can include reading, writing, math, science, and other subjects.
  4. Creative activities: Homeschooled kids also need opportunities to express themselves creatively and develop their artistic talents. This can include activities like drawing, painting, playing music, or participating in theater or other performing arts.
  5. Life skills: Homeschooled kids need to learn practical life skills, such as cooking, cleaning, managing finances, money management and time management. These skills will help them become more independent and self-sufficient as they grow older.

It’s important for parents to provide a well-rounded set of activities for homeschooled kids to support their physical, social, critical thinking, intellectual, and emotional development.

Our Martial Arts program teaches your child important life skills as well as self-defense skills at a young age. These real world skills show your child some of the best ways to be successful in life and become a successful young adult in their high school years and as they move on to college or other pursuits.

The increased social interaction in a martial arts community can provide social support and interaction, which can help improve mental health, reduce social anxiety and reduce feelings of possible isolation and loneliness.

We find that children from a home school environment already know the value of hard work at an early age. This important skill makes training in the martial arts a natural fit. Hard work is one of the basic principles of martial arts training.

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