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A program for potty trained to preschool age children to learn simple Martial Arts, life and school skills. We want them ready for leadership and school. Our goal is to make our Little Leaders the best qualified beginning leadership students for the future and to be the best qualified for kindergarten.

The Little Leader Program

Little Leaders is designed to meet preschoolers and early elementary children where they are, and to help them build physical, emotional and social proficiencies and meet the appropriate developmental milestones. Ultimately, we want them to be our best-qualified beginners in the Black Belt Leadership program, and to be ready to thrive in school.  


Children in class

Respect in Response

Little Leaders responses always include ‘Yes sir and Yes m’am. They’ll be ready to stand in line, ready to behave at their desk and ready to be as successful as possible in school. We want them to be better students, better learners and ready to show respect to others.

Personal Space

Maybe you don’t have any personal space at home. Are they on you all the time? Maybe they get very excited and can’t sleep before a big event. Maybe they need just a bit of help to self-regulate.

Child on exercise mat

Learn by Watching

At this age, they learn by watching you. They learn to walk and talk by watching you.
We use this to teach. We exaggerate body movements. We might do a simple kicking exercise. When we do this, we greatly exaggerate the movement and action.

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Class Structure

Each class is short and fast-paced to accommodate attention spans and activity levels.  Little Leaders take part in twenty-minute classes, and Advanced Little Leaders participate in thirty-minute classes.  

Each class contains the same elements, so that the components feel predictable and  comforting to young children, who thrive and feel secure in routine and structure.


Program Progression

Younger children (2-4 years old) begin our Little Leaders Program as just that – Little  Leaders. This program focuses on gross motor skills and developing body awareness. Each class is just twenty minutes long. Instructors will give one instruction at a time in  this class, to build language skills as well as cooperation.

From that program, Little Leaders can progress into our Advanced Little Leaders Program, and older children (5-6 years old) may begin in that more advanced program.  This program focuses more on fine motor skills, and on physical self control. These classes will extend students’ attention spans, with a half hour of instruction, and will  challenge students with three or four instructions at a time. 

We award all of our special tapes, patches and awards at the ends of classes, with parents  and classmates cheering for each child’s successes. This kind of recognition builds pride  and approval in the student receiving the award, while also teaching each student the  value in congratulating others, as well. We are a team because we cheer for and encourage one another. 




The Little Leader Oath

I Will
Respect my Parents
Wear my Safety Belt
Be Kind and Courteous to Others
Defend what is Right
Show Love to
My Family, My Country, My God
Victory, Humility, Courtesy
Yes I CAN!

We are Realistic about our Expectations!

At this age, children are developing connections in their brain. They’re developing coordination.
If they don’t cross their arms just right at this stage or have a perfect stance we know why. We give them plenty of time to practice the skills we’re working on.
Their potential is UNLIMITED!
Colored toys in a line that look like children

A Typical Class

  1. Report to the mat at their assigned position
  2. Bow in
  3. Say the Little Leader Oath
  4. Quick exercise warm up
  5. A short Martial Arts technique
  6. Review the life skill of the day
  7. Return to our spaces, present any class awards and complete class

Some of the Life Skills we Cover

Fire Safety – Smoke alarm response
Cooperation – teamwork completing tasks together
Anti-Drugs – tobacco and alcohol
Stranger Education – escape and get away, lure tricks
Nutrition – drinking water
Health – wash my hands
Exercise – timed obstacle course
First Aid – I cut myself
Respect – ma’am and sir
Coordination – quick drill to block a punch
Traffic – Cars
Memory – right and left
Holiday Safety
Weather – tornado safety, hurricane safety
Balance – stand on a single object
Listening – story time, follow directions
Home Safety – animals
Discipline – I’m angry, I’ve been told something I don’t like

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We expect our Little Leaders to have...

Beginning Muscle Tone

Our Little Leaders are just beginning to develop muscle tone. They are also developing hand-eye coordination.

Limited Concept of Spatial Awareness

One goal of our program is to help children learn this in fun ways. They learn to punch without dropping their arms, kick without falling and jump without falling.


Improved Attention

If your child has a short attention span, or seems to drift off mid-conversation you might see some improvement after Martial Arts training at Macon’s Martial Arts. We believe eye contact is vital when it comes to talking both inside and outside the classroom. After only a short while, kids will start to do this naturally even at home.

Less Answering Back

One of our fundamental training rules involves discipline. When we ask someone to do something, we expect it to be done. No discussion, no debate. We don’t need to yell at them if they don’t – they do it because they see the other kids doing it. It won’t be long until your kids start doing this at home. If you think your kids have a hard time following directions, then sign them up for a few classes. You will be amazed at the difference.

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This is a NO BULLY Zone.

We don’t tolerate it. No martial arts experience or training is required. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Number of Bullies Tolerated

Macon’s Martial Arts teaches Martial Arts and leadership in a safe, clean, professionally operated Martial Arts Academy. We have locations in Asheboro, Burlington and Southern Pines, North Carolina. We teach families the secrets of how to raise better behaved, more successful children. 

Our program gives kids the tools to realize an increased attention span, improved behavior, and greater self-control. Our instructors are considered to be some of the best in the country, while placing an emphasis on helping students and their families learn together.

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
- attributed to Thomas Jefferson

At Macon’s Martial Arts, we believe in hard work, discipline fitness and determination. Don’t misunderstand us, we like to have a lot of fun as well. But, at the end of the day. Your children are here to learn and acquire the tools they need to succeed socially, in 

school and beyond. We consider it an honor to teach your children in the ways of Martial Arts.

J Smith
J Smith
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Mr. Wiemer has been a great help with his instruction with my son. His attitude has greatly improved and the focus of American Freestyle Karate training has given him a positive outlet to help with his ADHD. The one on one interaction and positive reinforcement during classes has really motivated him to do better and act out less. I greatly recommend attending and has since joined my son on the floor to learn and practice as well.
C King
C King
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I recommend this martial arts because it has helped my son in will goals, attitude and discipline and many things in everyday life that he needs to learn along with his new skills of learning self defense and martial arts. it is not just martial arts it is a whole package and I love the way they have done that
A Stillwell
A Stillwell
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Amazing place to say the least!!! It was a rough start for my little man but with hard work and dedication it has become his favorite activity to do!!! Mr.Weimer really helped to cheer him on and push him to keep going. I can't wait to see how far my little one will go in the years to come. Thank you Mr. Weimer for all you do for our little ones, we truly appreciate it!!!

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