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Do you believe Character Counts?

We do! Our Martial Arts training focuses not only on physical skills but also on important life skills that will help your child achieve Personal Success in life. Our life skill training is just as important as kicking high, breaking boards, blocks and punches. 

karate students in bow training class

Our program is designed specifically to help you learn and grow in areas outside of your physical martial arts training. Our Leadership Student Oath reflects our dedication to these values by stating:

“I will develop focus, intensity and discipline through my study of the martial arts.

I will be an example of leadership, courtesy and respect for everyone I meet and invite them to join in my question for black belt excellence.

I will be honorable and loyal to my God, my family, my country and my instructors.

I will remain goal oriented, motivated and dedicated and always choose to do my best in all that I strive to achieve.”

Our goal is to provide your child all the skills necessary to achieve a black belt in life as well as the Martial Arts. Our life skills are broken down into specific areas of study.  We teach them in a continuous rotation throughout the year.  So, if your child begins their training during the year, we’ll cover anything they missed on the next rotation.  We do this to allow our students to begin their training at any time during the year.

Our Life Skills focus on the following areas:

Courtesy, Attitude, Goals, Respect, Honor, Perseverance, Loyalty, Self-Control and Integrity

We are happy to discuss our programs with you.  We value your opinion and want to hear about any issues you’re having as a family and how we might be able to help. 

If we can help you just click the link below!

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