The World needs YOU!

The World Needs YOU! We love this quote…. The absolute best thing you can do for the world is to make the most of yourself. Wallace D. Wattles Tweet We really wish we could take credit for this but, it’s a quote by Wallace D. Wattles, an American author from the late 1800s.  Wattles encouraged […]

Rotational Summit Time!

Rotational Summit time! What is a Rotational Summit you may ask?  It’s a time to train at the next level.  It’s a time to wrap up and review everything we’ve been studying and training for the last 8 weeks.  It’s a time to work out any kinks in our technique.  It’s a time to review […]

Do You Believe Character Counts?

karate students in bow training class

Do you believe Character Counts? We do! Our Martial Arts training focuses not only on physical skills but also on important life skills that will help your child achieve Personal Success in life. Our life skill training is just as important as kicking high, breaking boards, blocks and punches.  Our program is designed specifically to […]