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Martial Arts and Leadership Training. Leadership, Life Skills and Martial Arts Training

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Join us for a Summer packed with fitness, fun and adventure.

Preschool - Little Leaders

Our Little Leader Classes are Designed for 3 to 5 Year Olds

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Be out guest of honor and Black Belt for the day! Excitement and Martial Arts Class.

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Defense Fitness Programs for Adults 18+. Get in shape and go home safe!

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Charli C.
Charli C.
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My sons recently started going to the little leaders class twice a week, and they are very excited to go every week. I have appreciated the listening and respect skills they are learning, along with the physical skills. I am excited to watch as they progress!
Shirley P.
Shirley P.
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My son has learned a lot during his time here and loves earning patches and stars for his accomplishments.
Thomas B.
Thomas B.
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My daughter, 4, has been enrolled for nearly three months attending class four nights a week at the Burlington location and can not wait to get to class. Anyone with a young child can understand the sentiment behind that statement. The teachers are great at what they do, from introducing new techniques to discussing age appropriate life lessons. The self control they teach shows even outside of class. I can not think of an instance since she has started where she has not answered with a “Ma’am” or “Sir” in her response, and I’m referring to outside of class. There is much to praise Sr. Master Macon and his team of teachers for but the self confidence, motivation and sheer joy I see in my daughter keep us here.

A Place To Shine

Would you like a place where your child can SHINE in a POSITIVE environment? A place where your child is surrounded by a respectful group of people focused on your child’s success? We teach families the secrets of how to raise better behaved, more successful children. Our martial arts program gives your child the tools to realize an increased attention span, improved behavior and greater self-control. They not only learn to kick, block and punch.  The discipline of karate also teaches leadership and life skills. Let’s help them build the life skills they need to succeed in school, be respectful citizens and future leaders. Give us a chance to show you how we can help!

What we Teach


Modern life can be a bit stationary. Let’s move! Our classes are an active, engaged experience!  Martial Arts improve strength, flexibility and balance.


We combine many life skills such as discipline, respect, and courtesy to create the leaders of tomorrow.


Students thrive in an environment where they are taught respect and are respected by others. 


Courage begins immediately when you arrive in class!  We give your child the courage to step up and do something they’ve never done before!

Self Defense

Learn to defend yourself in a variety of situations.  Including life-threatening or a school bully. Plus, gain the confidence to use – or not use – these skills to stay safe.

Life Skills

We don’t just kick and punch.  Confidence, respect and discipline are just a few of the Life Skills we teach in the Martial Arts.

people talk

Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our product. Instead, here are some people that will do the hard work for us.

Well disciplined learning environment for our young leaders. The curriculum is immersive and fun with value-based ethics in each class. The masters are thoughtful and treat all their students with dignity and respect. If you are looking to get your child started in Karate, let Macon’s Martial Arts helps them on their journey to earn the coveted Black Belt!
Darren F.
Highly Recommend Macon’s Martial Arts. Master Macon is excellent with his students. He demands respect, attentiveness, and responsibility during classes while also making the class fun for his students! Mrs. Kniesz does an outstanding job with the Little Leaders! She is an asset to the school in Southern Pines.
Julie Y.
Southern Pines
My granddaughter goes to class in High Point. She has been through the Little Leaders program and is starting in leadership. She is only 6 years old but the respect she has for her teachers and adults in general is amazing. She has been going for almost a year now and we signed her up for 4 more. She loves it! I highly recommend this place.
Brenda F.
High Point

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